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Getting started with Metamask® Chrome® Extension®. MetaMask's extension has become a cornerstone for users navigating the decentralized landscape. …

MetaMask, as we all know, is an Ethereum-based crypto exchange that allows you to store and manage crypto-assets built on the Ethereum blockchain. This crypto wallet helps you manage your crypto assets the way you want and never lose hold of them. In case you are worried about the safety of your ETH-based assets, then you should definitely consider using MetaMask. This hot crypto wallet works best on a Chrome-based web browser and ultimately helps you achieve your trading goals effortlessly. So, this guide is going to shed some light on the MetaMask Chrome extension.

What is MetaMask Chrome Extension?

Well, the MetaMask extension for Chrome is a browser plug-in that allows you to convert your web browser into a working hot crypto wallet. The MetaMask wallet works great on different web browsers including Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Brave. After you have installed the MetaMask extension on one of the said browsers, you can then create a wallet for yourself and enjoy great support for Ethereum-based crypto assets.

Installing the MetaMask extension for Chrome

There are two easy ways through which you can install the MetaMask extension for your Chrome browser. One is by navigating to the official website and the other one is by navigating to the Chrome Web Store. Below we have discussed one of those methods:

  1. Please visit from the Chrome browser

  2. Following this, you must choose the "Download" button to proceed

  3. On the next page, you must select, and install MetaMask for Chrome

  4. When the Chrome Web Store opens, choose the "Add to Chrome" option

  5. Thereafter, select the "Add extension" to confirm your action

As soon as the extension is added, you can then take a look at the steps to create a new wallet on the MetaMask extension for Chrome and sign into it.

Setting up a new MetaMask wallet and signing into it

The wallet setup is easy on the MetaMask Chrome extension and here are the easy steps you can follow to get the same done:

  1. Begin by opening the MetaMask wallet

  2. After that, choose the option to set up a new wallet

  3. Further, you should select the apt option to agree to their terms

  4. Now, create a new MetaMask login password

  5. Carefully, create a backup of your Secret Recovery Phrase

That's all!

To sign into your wallet, you just need to enter the login password on the login page and hit the "Unlock" button present there.


The detailed read includes all the crucial steps that you must follow if you wish to use the MetaMask extension on your Chrome browser. If you are facing any issues while using the MetaMask Chrome extension, then you need to make sure that you are using the latest version of Chrome, the latest version of MetaMask wallet, and that your device is receiving proper internet connectivity.

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